Food preparation – and above all, the pleasure of eating - has a distinct social value. Gathering around the so called rich, healthy table is an ancient tradition and a place and time for a pleasant exchange of ideas. It has become a cultural event par excellence - one the most famous Plato’s dialogues about love bears the name „Symposium“.

Industrial food production and mass use of chemicals have a massive negative impact on the environment – and human health. This has, in recent years, contributed to the growing awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition – and is also manifested in the cinema industry. A list of recently produced documentaries and feature films that had an important role in raising public awareness contains many “hits”, such as Super Size Me, Food Inc, Sideaways, Mondovino, Fast Food Nation, and many more.

Enjoying food is closely associated with hosting friends and acquaintances in your own home, and is the most beautiful “excuse” to meet new people. In all cultures on Earth food has a huge symbolic - and therefore artistic - significance. The world's largest chefs are considered true “artists”. They pay much of their attention to the appearance of dishes served. Their dishes and delicacies thus end up as frequent „actors“ on TV, or in films.

The Kinookus Food Film Festival takes place in Ston (Croatia) every September. Formerly the second most important town of the Republic of Ragusa, Ston is centrally located in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and has been famous for ages for its walls, saltpans and excellent gastronomic production. The area around Ston is renowned for the cultivation of shellfish, superb wines and olive oil. By bringing the seventh art back into the open public spaces of Ston, the Kinookus organizers wish to give their support to the ongoing efforts of the local community and civic associations to revive and preserve the unique spirit of this magical place.

The Food Film Festival KINOOKUS (FFF KINOOKUS) is an international film festival which aims to develop, preserve and promote – using moving pictures - the concept of “healthy pleasure”, through various aspects:

film education
raising awareness among the young generations about healthy nutrition and the the culture of growing, preparing and enjoying healthy food
open-air cinemas
food preparation which follows the traditional recipes and natural food preservation
biodiversity of breeding species, as well as biodiversity in general, as a human need
local customs, traditions and cultural identity
social justice, human and civil rights
importance of environmental protection
holistic approach to environmental awareness
The Kinookus FFF has established itself as a multidisciplinary platform in which problems concerning industrial food production, new cultural and social models as well as sophisticated relations between man and his environment are being discussed.